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    The Key / An Eochair

    Aistritheoir: Louis de Paor agus Lochlainn Ó TuairisgFoilsitheoir: Dalkey Archive Press Léirmheastóir: Eileen Battersby Foilsíodh an léirmheas seo cheana in The Irish Times The Key/An Eochair, by Máirtín Ó Cadhain: Frenetic satire with linguistic flair. Sixty-year-old absurdist comedy in the Civil Service remains as fresh as ever ‘J was a paperkeeper.” The first sentence of Máirtín Ó Cadhain’s hilarious novella is a satiric statement of intent; J’s function is revealed but not his name. It is an opening gambit that could have come from the pages of the 19th-century Russian master Nikolai…

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    The Midnight Court

    Aistritheoir: Ciarán CarsonFoilsitheoir: Gallery Press Léirmheastóir: David WheatleyFoilsíodh an léirmheas seo cheana in The Guardian, an 10 Meán Fómhair 2005 Speaking a minority language can be like a form of inverted Tourette’s: you can be as obscene as you want and most people won’t even notice. In his poem “I’r Iaith A’i Chaneuon”, Ian Duhig is pestered by a Welsh pub bore to say something in Irish. He obliges with an “Irish prayer about a Welsh king”: “Beautiful, it sounds quite beautiful”, the Welshman coos as Duhig recites a malediction…

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    Graveyard Clay

    The appearance of Graveyard Clay marks another major milestone in the book’s publication history. Like the best of translations, we can expect it to stimulate an ongoing dialogue with the original and to ensure the place of Cré na Cille in the wider multilingual field of comparative literary studies.

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    Graveyard Clay agus The Dirty Dust

    Aistritheoirí: Alan Titley (The Dirty Dust) agus  Liam Mac Con Iomaire and Tim Robinson (Graveyard Clay)Foilsitheoir: Yale University Press (The Dirty Dust) agus Cló Iar-Chonnacht (Graveyard Clay) Léirmheastóir: William BrennanFoilsíodh an léirmheas seo cheana in The New Yorker an 17 Márta 2016 The Irish Novel That’s So Good People Were Scared to Translate It In 1948, the Irish-language writer Máirtín Ó Cadhain received the kind of rejection letter a novelist might dream of getting. He had submitted his foul-mouthed first novel, “Cré na Cille” (“Churchyard Clay”), to his publisher, only…